20 Most Promising Canada Tech Companies - 2022

20 Most Promising Canada Tech Companies - 2022

    Most Promising Canada Tech Companies

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    Emovi, a Canada-based healthcare innovation company driven by the mission to transform the musculoskeletal healthcare landscape, is facilitating this change in knee pain assessment. Emovi’s flagship product, the KneeKG system, is a result of a strong partnership with the Quebec University research community, including CRCHUM, Ecole de TechnologieSuperieure (ETS), and TELUQ. The KneeKG systemenables a Knee Kinesiography exam, i.e., dynamic knee exam, to aid in diagnosing the causes of pain and symptoms in the knee, complementing imaging examinations such as X-rays and MRI, which provide static information only.Emovi’s technologies and AI solutions address clinical challenges through the knee continuum of care, including patient engagement, pre-operative planning, digital and robotic surgery, post-operative assessment, and outcomes measurement.

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    Stratejm is a next generation managed security services provider dedicated to assisting private and public sector organizations to protect critical infrastructure and data through state of the art technology and consulting services.